Leadership Podcasts

A soldier in an airport listens to Podcasts on his headphones

Don’t waste long car journeys or trips on the coach to the ranges. These leadership podcasts are worth listening to – and worth sharing with your unit as part of your leadership PME programme. If you have more, let us know by email.

Reimagining Defence

The Reimagining Defence Interview By The Army Leader What are the most important ideas and trends that every military leader must understand? Grey Zone conflict? Information warfare? The evolution of urban conflict in megacities? Right now there are plenty of contenders for ‘most important trend in defence’. Last week I spoke to two military officers…


The Tim Ferriss Show Podcast

Tim Ferriss’s podcast isn’t exactly about leadership, but it is about delivering the best performance that you can through learning and developing yourself and others. So it has a lot in common with leadership. What the Tim Ferriss Show won’t give you is a set of podcasts you can use as the basis of a…


NPR Disruptive Leadership Podcast

The NPR TED Radio Hour brings together some of the best TED talks as a podcast, but then also interviews the presenters as well, allowing them to delve deeper into what they said. This 50-minute episode is about Disruptive Leadership or, as Seth Godin describes it, leadership that makes things better for followers. It brings…


Leaders Huddle Podcasts

The Leaders Huddle podcast is provided by the US Army’s snappily-titled Center for the Advancement of Leader Development and Organisational Learning. Unsurprisingly, it goes it its short name, CALDOL. Its target audience is platoon to company commanders – so the ranks of Lt to Capt in the US Army, but Lt to Maj in the UK…


Tony Robbins and Gen McChrystal Podcast

Becoming an Extraordinary Leader Tony Robbins’ podcast is full of motivational and inspirational advice from this gravely-voiced life coach. Not all of his podcasts are about leadership, or indeed worth listening to. In this episode Tony interviews Gen Stanley McChyrstal and Chris Fussell, authors of Team of Teams, about modern military and business leadership. The…