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This site began in 2017, at a time when we thought there wasn’t enough solid, hard-won leadership experience being shared by British military leaders. We thought there should be an outlet for those who wanted to share the benefit of what they’d learnt and where leaders, old and new, could come to learn from others. When we started we didn’t realise just how many people agreed. Now thousands of leaders subscribe to our articles. Tens of thousands from around the world visit every month. Until 2019 most of the costs were covered by the founders of the site. But as we’ve grown, so have those costs.

Unlike some leadership development sites, we don’t run this organisation to make income, just to help improve leaders and their teams. It would be great if you could help. Every bit of support is grateful received and every penny is spent on our costs: cloud hosting, domain management, content delivery, email services, securing data and other website associated fees. So please join us in improving leaders, leadership and the effectiveness of organisations.

Here’s How You Can Help

A £5 donation – a bit more than a coffee and cake (or about two beers in the mess) – funds the site for a couple of days. It pays for web security to keep our data safe.

A £10 donation – a couple of beers (or a G&T for the officers) – covers us for about a week. It pays for our email automation that sends subscribers an email each time we publish a new article.

A £20 donation – less than a Domino’s pizza deal for two (you know you love it) – covers us for almost two weeks. Email accounts and web hosting, so the team can work with authors to ensure their ideas are well articulated and free from mistakes.

A £50 donation is generous. It will cover us for almost a month, ensuring the site runs smoothly, it is updated regularly and that we can keep working on better content for you.

Of course, if you want to give another amount, we’d be extremely happy.

If there is another way you’d like to donate, then please get in touch. And thank you for your support.

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