Some Junior NCO leadership being displayed by an NCO from the RIFLES in Kenya

Junior NCO Leadership

As a Junior NCO you are the bedrock of the British Army. You’re at the first leadership rank in the Army, perhaps the most difficult. Junior NCO leadership is about taking the first step that makes a distinction between you and your friends. Getting that right can be tough. On the other hand, you are the most powerful group of role models a unit has – you live with your soldiers, train with them, parade with them, eat with them and sleep in the same block. To a young new soldier you are a god. And you have the same level of power over him and responsibility for him.

Junior NCO leadership can be tough, but it’s the first rung of leadership and one of the most satisfying jobs in the Army. You’ll find our recommended leadership podcasts will give you some reflections on leadership that might be helpful. If you are looking for books on leadership – from sports, the military and business – then check out our list here. Spammed for a leadership presentation? Our leadership quotes page might help you.

Your section or team will look up to you and you can mould them – not into being another version of you but into being the best version of themselves. You’ll need to know how to get the best from people – inspiring them, motivating them and sometimes grabbing them by the scruffs of their necks.  The articles below are for you.


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