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Leadership Book Lists

The Army Leader regularly reaches out to well respected leaders from the military, business, academia and sport to ask them for book recommendations for aspiring army leaders. The resulting leadership book lists are published every summer and Christmas. If you are looking to update your library, find inspiration or choose a gift for a military friend, then check them out.

Christmas Leadership Book List 2019

Christmas Leadership Book List 2019 By Tim Heck, Book Reviews Editor Each year, with Christmas around the corner and High Street full of holiday sales, The Army Leader reaches out to respected military leaders, scholars, and authors to ask them for a recommendation for our Christmas leadership book list. This year we sought a more…


summer leadership book list the army leader

Summer Leadership Book List 2019

Summer Book List 2019 Last Christmas we asked a group of senior leaders what books they would recommend a leader has on their Christmas list. Well Christmas is now far behind us. The cold is a distant memory and most of us are looking forward to relaxing in the sun over the summer. And if…


2018 Christmas Leadership Book List The Army Leader

Christmas Leadership Book List 2018

Christmas Book List 2018 By The Army Leader With Christmas approaching, The Army Leader has reached out to some respected army leaders, scholars, authors and role models to ask them for a recommendation for our Christmas book list. It includes suggestions from Lieutenant Generals Tye Urch and Richard Nugee, and WO1 Glenn Haughton, the new…