2018 Christmas Leadership Book List The Army Leader

Christmas Leadership Book List 2018

Christmas Book List 2018 By The Army Leader With Christmas approaching, The Army Leader has reached out to some respected army leaders, scholars, authors and role models to ask them for a recommendation for our Christmas book list. It includes suggestions from Lieutenant Generals Tye Urch and Richard Nugee, and WO1 Glenn Haughton, the new…


High Morale: Lessons from D-Day to the House of Lords

High Morale: Lessons from D-Day to the House of Lords By The Army Leader …Remember Monty’s pep talks to us on the eve of the invasion? Then the emotional feeling as we threaded our way through the English countryside, heading for our embarkation points. I can recall some barracking dockers as we approached Southampton, shouting…

The Captain Class, recommended by Paul Nanson

The Captain Class

The Captain Class: The Hidden Force Behind the World’s Greatest Teams  On a chilly Wednesday in 1953 a buoyant England played a friendly football match at home against an upstart team from communist Eastern Europe. Although unbeaten for twenty-three matches, the Hungarians had only played matches against relatively weak competition. Smaller, less professional and from…