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A BOWMAN terminal - not the best way to contribute to this site

“Nail your whispers to the wall. Conclude the trilogy of read… think… and write. Is there ‘career risk’ in publishing? I suppose. Hasn’t hurt me too badly over the years, I’d say. But what matters is testing your ideas on the field of intellectual battle, so to speak.”

Admiral James Stravridis, US Navy, former NATO Supreme Allied Commander Europe

The authors actively encourage articles for The Army Leader. Whilst we will consider articles from all ranks and professions, we particularly encourage serving soldiers and officers to submit posts.

Military writing benefits not only the reader, but also the author. And it benefits the Army as a whole. For this reason we will actively support you through the process if required.


Whilst writing your posts, please bear in mind our principles, which are the overriding guide for what we accept and publish. There is advice on writing here. Our guidelines are:

  • The ideal article length is 1000-1500 words and may include pictures and bullet points.
  • The topic must be relevant to leadership, personal development, team development, or impart wisdom that improves and enhances leadership or command.
  • Posts are designed to inform, educate and share best practice. They may be theoretical in nature but should aim to pass your knowledge on to others in the army.
  • Please consider opsec and persec when writing your posts. Equally, examples of poor leadership, whilst acceptable, must not be attributable to individuals.
  • The authors may edit grammar and content to ensure the post is the best it can be. Don’t be offended – the original author will always have the final authority before the post is published.
  • In line with most blogs, the original author retains the copyrighted ownership of the published material under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. The Army Leader will cite the author in the post and will use excerpts from the post on social media.
  • We prefer that authors, including serving military, post under their own name and not anonymously. It is our strong belief that posting openly under your own name promotes honest and quality opinions. It shows that you personally stand by your opinions and gives your views credibility. However, we accept that persec considerations may require you to post anonymously.

Serving Military Members

Defence media guidelines dictate that if you are a serving member of the British Armed Forces and wish to contribute using your you military identity you will need your chain of command’s approval to post on uncontroversial topics. Leadership is uncontroversial unless you (deliberately or accidentally) make it so. Therefore authors will ask you to confirm that you have your chain of command’s approval.

If you are interested in submitting a post for consideration, send an email to with the Subject ‘Post Submission’. Please expect a few days before a response.