British Soldiers reading some leadership books‘Leaders are readers’. Learn from others’ experiences and theories by getting your head into some good leadership books. Below are leadership books we have read and recommend, and also some articles that recommend book that will enhance your leadership.

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Not enough time to read? Well first, I’d recommend you read Gen Mattis’s email about not finding the time to read. But if you still struggle to find the time, I highly recommend trying Audible and downloading books to listen do in your car or on your commute.

Team of Teams

Team of Teams: A Leadership Model for a Complex World

Team of Teams: A Leadership Model for a Complex World By Dan Snelson The 21st century is a time unlike any other.  Modern technology allows instant global communication for everyone, making the world no longer just highly complicated, but increasingly complex.  It is this complexity, argues General Stanley McChrystal in his 2015 book Team of…

2018 Christmas Leadership Book List The Army Leader

Christmas Leadership Book List 2018

Christmas Book List 2018 By The Army Leader With Christmas approaching, The Army Leader has reached out to some respected army leaders, scholars, authors and role models to ask them for a recommendation for our Christmas book list. It includes suggestions from Lieutenant Generals Tye Urch and Richard Nugee, and WO1 Glenn Haughton, the new…