Warrant Officer Leadership

Warrant Officers are the pinnacle of a soldier’s career. A role model to junior soldiers and officers, your influence is deep and wide – for better or worse. A good Warrant Officer will will do their job, teach their junior and senior NCOs, mentor junior officers and (probably) juggle a role in the Warrant Officers’ and Sergeants’ Mess. Its a tough call because this is the point where you transition from team leadership (where you can know the name of everyone in your company, squadron or team) to organisational leadership (where you lead people via intermediates). To make it easier, if you can live by the Regiment’s values, pursue excellence and not rest on your laurels then you’ll wield the greatest of respect and influence.

Warrant Officer Class 1 J C Lord

Gentlemen, my name is RSM J C Lord. J C does not stand for Jesus Christ. He is Lord up there (pointing up to the sky) and I am Lord down here (pointing to the ground)

Regimental Sergeant Major John Lord MVO MBE

If you want to develop your SNCOs’ leadership you can check out these videos with some training suggestions.

To develop you – and you wouldn’t have got this far if you weren’t always growing – the articles below are for you.

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Crossing the Stress Point

Crossing the Stress Point In the 2003 film Falling Down Bill Foster, Michael Douglas’s divorced and unemployed engineer, descends in a stress induced downward spiral, angrily fighting and shooting his way across LA to make it to his daughter’s birthday. “I’ve passed the point of no return. Do you know what that is, Beth? That’s…


Nail Your Meetings!

Nail Your Meetings! We’ve all sat through horrible meetings. In the Army and in civvie street, no one looks forward to meetings. In the US the average employee spends 37% of their time in meetings and 47% complain that meetings are the number one waste of time in their job. A recent U.K. study showed that the…


Drive The Power Train

Drive The Power Train One of the seven Leadership Code behaviours is ‘Encourage Confidence in the Team’. The guide to the Code says that leaders should inspire and motivate their team by showing confidence in their abilities and talking enthusiastically about success. Inspirational motivation. Fine words. But what does that actually mean? ‘Encourage Confidence in…


RSM Common Sense

RSM Common Sense It’s 2002. I’m a newly promoted Cpl in the Vikings waiting to go in front of the CO and be read my Section Commanders’ Battle Course report.  I am arrogant, overzealous and thirsty to fight any enemy that comes my way.  The only thing that matters in my bubble is the 10…


Clive Woodward’s Teamship

Clive Woodward’s Teamship 22nd of November 2003. In the Telstra stadium the Australian Rugby team faced off England in the Rugby World Cup final. Australia, the hosts, took an early lead in a physically brutal match but England gradually pulled ahead towards the end of the first half. There then followed a nail-biting second half.…


Don’t Airbrush Leadership

Don’t Airbrush Leadership  On 15th and 16th of May 2017, 13 members of the Brigade of Gurkhas stood on the summit of Mount Everest, the first serving Gurkhas ever to do so. The Gurkha Everest Expedition 2017 was the culmination of a 5 year journey. It was the most successful mountaineering expedition on Everest in…


Think About Leadership – Or Drop Behind

Think About Leadership – Or Drop Behind I was struck recently by an article at www.themilitaryleader.com about consuming and producing leadership. It made me think… about thinking. I’ve had the honour over the years of serving with some great leaders. Some were ‘formally intellectual’ – had Masters degrees, were thoughtful, wrote articles – others were not.…


Where Are The Army’s Writers?

Where are the people – serving or former military, soldiers and officers – who want to share their leadership experience and theories? If you are one, then this site is the right place for you. Thearmyleader.co.uk is actively seeking new posts and articles. If you are interested in contributing, please read our principles and our contributors’…