Leadership Training Resources

Official Sites

For official British Army leadership training resources, the Army Knowledge Exchange can be accessed through the defence gateway (for serving military).

The British Army’s Centre for Army Leadership has resources on its website.

The Australian Army’s fantastic Cove website has useful resources for all kinds of military education.

The US Army’s Center for Army Leadership keeps its resources and reports here on its website.


Centre for Army Leadership ResourcesThe Centre for Army Leadership has published Leadership Insights. The Insights are short, readable, publicly available, have links to further reading and a series of questions. They can form the basis of a leadership development sessions at any rank. The Leadership Insights are on the Centre’s website here.

It also publishes Leadership Digests, single page run-downs of useful leadership articles, links, videos and documents. Find them here.

The British Army Review has two Leadership Special Editions, both available on the Army Knowledge Exchange (defence gateway site or MODNet site) on the Leadership page. The first Leadership Special Edition bring together an anthology of leadership essay from the last 70 years.

Training Programmes and Advice

The Cove Resources

The Cove, the Australian one-stop-shop for official Australian Army PME, has an article on how to run a PME programme (although it isn’t just focussed on leadership). The article is based on a UK unit’s PME programme and is here.

The Centre for Army Leadership has published a leadership insight about the book Black Hearts which links to an example 1-day leadership training package. You can download Leadership Insight No 2: Reflections on Black Hearts here.


Another option is to choose a book as the basis of your leadership development programme. You could start with some of our recommendations.



Leadership videos can form the basis of your leadership development package. Watch the video as a group and then discuss the themes. You can find a series of leadership videos here.