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Commando Coffee - ideal father's day gifts for soldiers

Fathers Day Gifts For Soldiers

Fathers Day Gifts For Soldiers An Army Leader’s Father’s Day – Part  3 I hope you’ve enjoyed Parts 1 and 2, on leadership lessons for children and on great Father’s Day day’s out for soldiers. In the final part of An Army Leader’s Father’s Day I wanted to share with you a few good Father’s Day…


fathers day days out for soldiers

Fathers Day Days Out For Soldiers

Five Fathers Day Days Out For Soldiers An Army Leader’s Father’s Day – Part 2 Whilst you’d love to have days out with your children all year round, being a soldier often means you’re not around as much as you’d like. But hopefully on father’s day you’ll have the opportunity to have a quality day…


Leadership Lessons for Children

Leadership Lessons For Children

Five leadership lessons for children An Army Leader’s Father’s Day – Part 1 If you’re a father, then Father’s Day is a great day. Depending on the age of your children, there’s half a chance you’ll get a lie in, you’ll probably get taken out for a meal somewhere and with any luck your children…


A JNCO leads his team. Leading as a lance corporal

The Unpopular Man: Leading as a Lance Corporal

The Unpopular Man: Leading as a Lance Corporal In July 2006 I attended my Potential Junior Non Commissioned Officers’ Cadre. I was still junior. Fresh faced (even, perhaps, baby-faced). I’d arrived in the battalion only 18 months earlier, only 18 years old. But I had completed a tour of Iraq, Operation TELIC 6, and my…


James Mattis’s Leadership Philosophy

James Mattis’s Leadership Philosophy You’d have to have been living in a hole to not have heard of James ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis. The current Secretary of Defense and former United States Marine Corps General has a legendary reputation in the US armed forces. It’s a reputation built on stories of his no-nonsense combat and peacetime leadership. Several years…